About Me

My Yoga History:

I began to practice yoga in 1995 when I was pregnant with my third child and in law school. My good friend (a yoga teacher) noticed that I couldn’t tie my shoes and I was only 4 months pregnant!  Knowing that I would never make it to finals, she signed me up for a prenatal yoga class.  I loved the feeling of release I experienced in that class.  Throughout my pregnancy, as I practiced yoga, I continued to gain flexibility and strength.  For the few years that followed, I enjoyed a daily asana practice.  In 2001, I took my first yoga teacher training.  It was in beautiful Tulum, Mexico with Baron Baptiste. In 2002, I received my 200 hour teaching certification from Corina Benner at Wake Up Yoga.

In 2003, I trained and received my Yin Yoga teaching certification from Corina Benner.

In 2004, I trained with Judith Lasater and became certified to teach Restorative Yoga.

In 2005, I opened a sweet, cozy yoga studio, Jai Yoga, dedicated to private yoga instruction.  Demand grew and in 2007, Erica Taxin Bleznak and I went into partnership to open Jai! Yoga Lifestyle and Massage, a 3000 square foot yoga studio and boutique.  Jai! became a vital sanctuary offering yoga classes, Kirtan, Seva opportunities, yoga teacher trainings, massage, reiki and more.  After 5 years, Erica and I decided that we wanted to deepen our yoga and meditation practices and passed the studio on to another teacher. To this day, Erica remains a sister on the path as well as one of my favorite teachers!

In 2008, I enrolled with Yoganand/Michael Carroll, founder of the Pranakriya School, for my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification.  During this training process, I began to practice meditation and pranayama regularly.  I also developed a deep love and reverence for the sacred texts of yoga.  I received my 500 hour teaching certification in 2010.

Why I love Yoga:

Yoga changed my life.  It introduced me to my body in a deeply meaningful way.  I started yoga for the flexibility.   However, like so many, I immediately found a sanctuary on my mat; a place where I could explore my psyche, my emotions and what my body could do.  I was always the last one chosen for the athletic teams growing up so I was convinced that my body was not one to thrive from or even enjoy working.  However, this body proved otherwise on the yoga mat.  It moved smoothly, comfortably and even poetically through the postures.   Through this practice, I came to enjoy and respect my body and its movement.

Through the years, yoga required me to look at EVERY ASPECT of my life.  Each time I came onto my mat or my meditation cushion, I was profoundly aware of life’s invitation to get to know it better.   This has proven to be an invaluable process.    Through breath work, movement, and the resulting fascia releases, I experienced deeply profound spiritual states.  I began to shed past traumas that were stored in and affecting both my physical and mental states.

Why I love to teach:

 Ghandi said “the best way to find your Self is to lose yourself in the service of others.” To serve others through teaching allows me to connect with the deepest part of what I am. Teaching is another form of my yoga practice.  Like asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation, teaching is another way to bring my mind to peace and to feel a heart connection.  It’s so satisfying to be able to walk people along the path that has brought ease and happiness into my life.  When I spend time with a private client or a group of students, I see and feel in their experience so much of my own personal yoga journey.

My teaching style:

I have been trained to teach several styles of asana (yoga postures), meditation and pranayama (breath work).  They include: vinyasa, yin, restorative, pranakriya and power yoga. It has been my experience that the most powerful and accessible classes and workshops include a combination of some or all of my various trainings. Likewise, I have been able to serve my private clients on a deeper level by using these various trainings to tailor a practice uniquely for them.

I always like to keep my classes fresh.  No two classes are the same.  However, there is one constant in each class; I infuse breathing techniques into a variety of creative flows so that students gain access and ease within the poses.

I have been told that my classes challenge perceived physical and emotional limitations so that students find more space and freedom in all aspects of their lives.

I am constantly humbled to be a student of yoga.    I am eternally grateful for my teachers Corina Benner, Joan White, Yoganand, Adyashanti, Paul Hedderman, Bart Marshall, and Deborah Westmoreland. Yoga has brought peace and great joy into my life and I endeavor to pass that along to those who allow me to share this gift with them.